با Scan Explorer 12000 Pro، شما قادر خواهید بود که فلزات، اشیاء و گسل ها را پیدا کنید. Scan Explorer 12000 Pro بر اساس اصل تشخیص تغییرات میدان الکترومغناطیسی است که از زمین منتشر می شود.
فلزیاب طلایاب گنج یاب scanexplorer pro 12000 فلزیاب

With the Scan Explorer 12000 Pro, you will be able to locate anomalies, buried objects and faults. The Scan Explorer 12000 Pro works on the principle of detecting electromagnetic field changes that are emitted from the Earth.


فلزیاب طلایاب گنج یاب scanexplorer pro 12000 فلزیاب

Existing Potential Method

When using specifically designed sensors the earth’s self-potential of direct currents can be measured. The sensors become very useful when using a single forward motion just above, without contacting, the earth. With this rather simple technique, the geophysicist can trace zones of mineralization, having a strong signal, or tunnels having a weak signal. By receiving a combination of AC/DC and frequency to map potentials, we can map fields of interest. These rapid changing signals are amplified and analyzed by the software. The Scan Explorer 12000 Pro allows for the rapid collection and interpretation of large quantities of data, making it a cost effective technique. EM equipment measures the background of the emitted signals from the earth; it then detects any differences that are present. Differences can be caused by anything in the subsurface that has disturbed the earth (like a void, metal objects, fault, tunnels, etc…). Other available geophysical techniques that are sensitive to the presence of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects include metal detectors, pulse induction, resistivity, ground penetrating radar and etc.

What EM Measures

EM measures the apparent electromagnetic field of the ground, including effects of the soil, bedrock fractures, contaminants, metal objects, and ground water. Variations in the electromagnetic field may indicate changes in composition, layer thickness, or moisture content. The presence of buried metal such as drums, and/or other objects create a large variation. Scan Explorer 12000 Pro is specifically designed to detect subsurface anomalies by receiving varying signals from the ground.

Principles of Magnetics

The earth’s geomagnetic field has three principal components: the main field itself, an external field and local perturbations superimposed on the main field. Caused by processes in the interior of the earth, the main field has a large magnitude which varies slowly over time. At present, the earth’s field amplitude (T) ranges from a low of about 25,000 nanoTesla (formerly gamma) (nT) near the geomagnetic equator to almost 70,000nT at the geomagnetic poles. The field inclination is horizontal at the equator and vertical at the poles. The external field originates outside the earth’s crust and is associated mainly with electric currents in the ionized layers of the outer atmosphere because of interaction with the solar winds. Traveling along magnetic flux lines solar winds are ionized plasma or hot-charged particles, which transmit energy by wave motion. Local variation in the rock and mineral assemblage of the near-surface crust produce local perturbations that are the anomalies of exploration interest.

The earth’s magnetic field (a vector field having both amplitude and direction) is described by an intensity (total field intensity, T), an inclination (I) and a declination (D), Figure 1.1. For Specific applications, horizontal and vertical field components can be derived from T, D. and I.

With the analysis and editing of the images can be easily without the need for software tools for drilling, initial impressions of magnetometry and thermal and magnetic maps plot and infrared scans, used. Another benefit of this device is very easy to use and transport user compared to similar models available that continues to pay General and against the minor.

With regard to the form of the following section 6 is composed of

1. main chassis battery, the circuit board and corresponds to the decomposition of the signals are located

2. super multi sensors

3. special operational safety belts

4. charger for the device